Your Challenge Your Challenge Your Challenge

Your Challenge

Various industries are in a critical situation to market products. Explore system integration like CFD Technologies for a complex, vital and cost-effective end product.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Tools and software technologies that optimise product design and manufacturing processes. A complex but vital strategy to deliver a successful product.

Challenge at a Glance

Challenge at a Glance

Hexagon’s “Your Challenge, Our Solution” initiative is a Methodology and Solution development drive offered as complementary services by Hexagon’s CFD Experts primarily aiming to address critical challenges faced by various industries and are eagerly looking to address them.

Challenge the CFD Specialists

Challenge the CFD Specialists

Hexagon works with manufacturers to create solutions that empower Smart Factory technologies. Our team is innovation focused, and a highly reliable CFD solution provider that enhances customers' product quality and creativity.

With the “Your Challenge, Our Solution” campaign, you can get a detailed solution methodology within the scope of CFD, which includes pre-processing, solving and post processing including project report will be prepared by MSC and then delivered to the participant.

Industries We’re Open for

A business always comes with challenges. With a strong, transformative and fast-tracking software solution like CRADLE, enhance customers' product quality and creativity. CFD solutions will help improve the efficiency of engineering design in various industries and applications. This initiative by Hexagon opens itself to organisations from the following industries.

Redesign with Imperative Transformers

Fast-track problem solving and implement solutions with Team Hexagon. Get a detailed solution methodology that includes pre-processing, solving and post processing. A project report with explicit details will be prepared by Hexagon and then delivered to the participant. Other key benefits include:

  • Free trial license for 1 month
  • Training and Methodology discussion
  • Technical guidance during the trial period

Extended Support by Hexagon

Team HexagonMI understands custom product needs. With the aim to deliver an optimum solution for your challenge, extended support can be provided in addition at a nominal cost.

  • Extension of license beyond the trial period
  • Technical support and guidance beyond trial period
  • Simulation of add-on / additional cases
  • New methodology development for similar application
  • Extended engineering services
Problem Statement

Problem Statement

  1. Thermo-fluid analysis

    It is a powerful engineering simulation and analysis method using CFD to help improve the efficiency of engineering design in various industries and application:

    • Functions for thermal analysis: heat radiation, solar radiation, heat conduction panel, thermal circuit model, electric current and magnetostatic field, heat file model, peltier device model, printer paper feeding model, Lamp, thermoregulation model JOS
    • Functions for diffusive substances: Diffusion analysis, Scale for ventilation efficiency, chemical reaction, and combustion
    • Functions for phase transition: Humidity analysis, solidification/melting analysis, Boiling/condensation analysis
  2. Internal/external flow

    Full – scale CFD simulation can be performed over complex internal/external flow geometries generating comprehensive data for evaluating flow features and performance parameters. This provides a significant advantage when it comes to validating or optimizing designs.

    • Compressible and Incompressible flows
    • HVAC applications
    • Cavitation simulations
  3. Multiphase flows

    Most of the flow physics in industry and in nature are multiphase. Almost every engineering problem comprises interaction between matter: water, air, oil etc. for this matter of fact it is important to determine an appropriate mathematical model in order to understand the multiphase flow properly.

    • Functions for multiphase flow: Marangoni convection, particle tracking, Discrete element method (DEM), Free surface flow (VOF method), multiphase flow analysis in MARS method, dispersed multiphase flow analysis, Foaming flow analysis, and generation and attenuation of wave
  4. Motion and contact physics

    To simulate flows around moving objects, should handle both the coordinate system moving with an object and the fixed coordinate system simultaneously. In the moving region, the effects caused by mesh movement is added into the equation of the fixed coordinate system, and the fixed and moving coordinate systems are calculated simultaneously.

    • Types of motion: Translation, rotation, stretching motion, combination of moving elements, and 6DOF rigid body motion

Submission Procedure

The participants are required to submit a write up in PDF document, describing in detail their problem statement.

The participants should also provide with the CAD data preferably in parasolid (*.x_t) extension.

Any NDA needed must be shared and mutually signed

The correspondence email-id and phone number of the participating organisation/industry should also be included so as to clarify relevant details

For more information,
please contact

What’s Hexagon’s Approach?

What’s Hexagon’s Approach?

Deliver a solid methodologically driven solution for your product challenge including phases of processing.

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